Modern Magic

Reclaiming Your Magical Heritage

From Portland Book Review:
“It takes courage to remain true to what you know is true, especially when conventional thought is not in your corner. It takes more courage to write a book expressing your unconventional thoughts and philosophy and publish it in a world that has been trained to scoff automatically at what you hold dear. Matthew Krajewski has done just that with Modern Magic—Reclaiming Your Magical Heritage, an approach that uses common sense and common experience to convey evidence that humans are very much magical beings.”

From San Francisco Book Review:
“This book is not a ‘how to’ guide; unlike so many other books about magic already on the market, this one does not offer ritual and spells and tarot spreads to allow you to jump right in. Instead, Krajewski tackles the more difficult and complex topic of theory, tying a number of related topics—divination, empathy, intuition, “paranormal” experiences, spiritual journeying, and more—together into a comprehensive study of how magic truly looks in our modern world. He includes introductory descriptions on various topics, meant to whet your interest and prompt you to explore your own abilities, as well as profiles of a wide variety of people he knows who are truly magical people. If you are interested in magic but are not sure where to start in your journey, pick up a copy of Modern Magic.”

Modern Magic Book Description:

There are plenty of spirituality books out there, and even more with a self-help bent promising that in three easy steps you can change your life. Author Matthew Krajewski experienced a shamanic awakening in 2012, and struggled to find an all-in-one book to help him make sense of his experience. Existing spiritualty books tended to be on just one topic, and the self-help books provided advice without sufficient theory or philosophy to back it up. So he wrote the book he would have wanted to read, and Modern Magic: Reclaiming Your Magical Heritage was born.

All spirituality practices are connected, and in Modern Magic, Matthew Krajewski explains how to understand and access this binding universal energy. From yoga practice to reading tarot cards, there is a thread of energy that ties it all together, and can open anyone up to a magical spiritual reality. Krajewski uses pop culture references to make spiritualty concepts digestible, while also referring to new scientific findings to ground his findings.

Bringing the metaphysical out of the dark crystal shop, Modern Magic illuminates how psychic abilities, emotional experience, and magical powers are interconnected, leading to a new, empowering vision of what it truly means to be human.

Modern Magic: Reclaiming Your Magical Heritage reveals:

  • Why the world needs magic now
  • What magic really is
  • A new definition of a “witch”
  • Closet “witches” and firsthand accounts of their unusual abilities in the modern world
  • How to understand your magical heritage
  • Why we are all magical
  • The intersection of science and metaphysics for explaining energy as the true fabric of the universe
  • How to understand individual soul energy and the universal energy grid
  • How to use the tools of experience; the body, mind, and heart; to strengthen your magical abilities
  • Mappings and accounts of magical abilities and how to use them
  • Exercises for living a more magical life

Modern Magic: Reclaiming Your Magical Heritage offers a new understanding of our innate magical abilities as human beings. There is an energetic reality that science is just beginning to understand, and that ancient mystics knew all too well, which author Matthew Krajewski has experienced and articulates for a modern world. Modern Magic brings a refreshing message of hope and understanding to a modern world sorely in need of real magic.

Everyone has a little magic, and through reclaiming your magical heritage, an empowered spirituality can be yours! Whether you are a natural witch, an aspiring shaman, a healer in hiding, or even a little psychic, Modern Magic will help you make sense of your unique experience. Through the magic of the heart, all things are possible!

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