Full Moon Affirmation

Doing a moon affirmation or ritual is one of the most empowering ways to connect your energy field to greater energy fields in the cosmos.

For a long time I would hesitate to share that I engage in regular full moon rituals. They are typically associated with pagan or Wiccan beliefs, and I do not necessarily identify as either. However, in recent research I was doing for my second book, I found that aligning with moon cycles was an ancient method for bringing union to your physical and energy body. In recent months I had fallen out of alignment with my regular moon affirmations, but last night a good friend and I resurrected our moon ritual.

In doing so we recognized that we had taken our moon rituals for granted. We had been doing moon affirmations intuitively for over a year, but had somewhat taken for granted the benefit of regular affirmation with the moon. The new moon is an ideal time to release old energies, and the full moon is the optimum time for manifestation and affirmation of forces you wish to invite into your life. We felt like we got our spiritual selves back on course last night when we performed a new full moon ritual.

Key to any moon ritual or affirmation is speaking through the heart, and recognizing energies larger than yourself. Too often we all internalize the belief of disconnection, and that we alone have the power to bring positive change to our lives. We are the primary conduits, but our very energy is porous and connected, and when we align benevolently with other energy forces, we can strengthen and empower our own energy fields.

A moon affirmation or ritual is about recognition and honesty. Being honest with yourself about your own energy, and inviting a greater energy force to help release old energies (new moon) or manifest new energies (full moon). In my own practice, we invite the four cardinal directions, form a circle with crystals, and light candles to represent the celestial elements: sun, moon, stars, and trees. A moon affirmation is deeply therapeutic because you are able to talk through your own energy, and I believe that the moon can hear you and will work to assist you when you are speaking through your heart. This therapy is always balanced by sending an energetic gift
or manifestation for the larger community and planet, again a way to recognize your connectivity and energy forces greater than yourself.

If a ritual or affirmation does not appeal to you, the magic of the moon can still make it into your life just by acknowledging the moon cycles. Looking up into the sky on a full moon, and stating what it is you truly want in your life. In so doing, you are harnessing an ancient and ever present force that just may heed your words, and bring more magic into your life.