Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies

Unike many viewers of American Horror Story: Coven, I was inspired by the finale episode. It is entertainment after all, and I found the show genuinely engaging and interesting throughout. But the finale gave me pause, and gave me new inspiration for the work I have been doing the past few years.

When the character Cordelia goes public with the existence of witches, she states that being a witch is apart of their heritage, something that is in their DNA. This idea is something I have been eager to share in my first book, Modern Magic, and through my website Magical Heritage. Much like Cordelia opening the doors to the public, I too have been seeking to open myself up to the world, to reveal that witches do exist. Magic exists. But it isn’t as dark or fantastic as what is portrayed in Coven.

Yes, there are those that practice Wicca and identity as witches, and I fully respect their spiritual path, in fact I believe it has a lot to teach others that are seeking spiritual guidance. But the label “witch” can be so much more. What if it is something you don’t go seeking? What if like the women portrayed in Coven you suddenly find yourself manifesting abilities that you didn’t even knew you had? These things are likely not being a human voodoo doll or the ability to resurrect the dead, but magical abilities present themselves. All the time. In small ways and large ways. And it takes courage to turn toward that experience, to try and understand it. To name it. That is what I have sought to do with my work, and sharing Magical Heritage with the world.

Everyone has a little magic in them. Maybe you lived in a haunted house? Maybe you have been able to read someone’s mind without trying? Some people have a shamanic awakening. Others can have a sense of what the future holds. I’ve seen this magical energy present itself in dozens of ways. There are so many unexplained things, and fascinating things, that can happen in our everyday lives, that at some point the curious seeker wonders, “Really, what is going on here?”

This is why I believe is empowering for those that may experience a magical occurrence to identify with the word “witch.” It speaks to how such men and women have been feared, misunderstood, and even thought to be imaginary. But magical occurrences continue to occur. Knowing that magic is apart of you, is you, is a way to open to your own inner Miss Robichaux’s Academy. A place where you can learn, explore, and feel empowered by the unique you that exists. The full you. The magical you. At its core, this is magical heritage.

You can learn more by visiting me at my website at www.magicalheritage.com, or by picking up a copy of Modern Magic: Reclaiming Your Magical Heritage, available now.