Pop Culture and Spirituality

What does pop culture have to do with spirituality?

In my first book Modern Magic: Reclaiming Your Magical Heritage, and the follow-up due in Spring 2014, The Golden Sherpa: Ascending Into Magical Heritage, I actively use pop culture references to make spirituality a more accessible field for any spiritual seeker.

Recently, I got feedback from a reader that they loved the pop culture references, saying they loved having a book on spirituality that was so fun, irreverent, and relatable. And therein is the point of why I used pop culture at all. I cite everything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to The Simpsons when articulating different aspects of magical spirituality because it is the imagery and characters that most people can readily understand.

Magical heritage is a concept that I created, based on my own spiritual path, but one that I could see represented in some form or another in television and film. Magical heritage is the threefold composite of your spiritual self: your unique biological energy fields, your past lives, and the genetic codes of your ancestors. This is unique to each person, but also opens up a plethora of spiritual possibilities for anyone. You are not bound by your own life to understand your energy, you have past lives and the lives of your ancestors to draw upon to empower your own spiritual path. Why are you drawn to Native American traditions? Why are you drawn to yoga? These types of questions can become empowering acts of reclamation when you realize that the spiritual you is far greater and layered than physical reality and just one lifetime.

I utilize Buffy Summers and Harry Potter as examples in the book for people to understand the unique feeling of magical heritage. We all possess it, but the loneliness, responsibility, and sheer magic of it is well represented by figures from these figures from pop culture. In utilizing such a comparison, my hope is that readers find the notion of magical heritage, and magical spirituality in general, something easily understood because they have already gone through the emotional catharsis with well known characters.

Journeying to discover your spirituality can be daunting, and it is my hope with Modern Magic: Reclaiming Your Magical Heritage that I can make it more fun, relatable, and accessible through characters and imagery of pop culture that most people are already well acquainted. Ascend into your magical future, and know that all things are connected, even such seemingly unrelated fields as spirituality and pop culture.