Modern Magic: Reclaiming Your Magical Heritage

It takes courage to remain true to what you know is true, especially when conventional thought is not in your corner. It takes more courage to write a book expressing your unconventional thoughts and philosophy and publish it in a world that has been trained to scoff automatically at what you hold dear.

Matthew Krajewski has done just that with Modern Magic—Reclaiming Your Magical Heritage, an approach that uses common sense and common experience to convey evidence that humans are very much magical beings. Krajewski cites evidence that might just be supported by recent advances in the understanding and application of physics in general and quantum physics in particular.

Information can be arranged to travel on waves of energy. That is a reality that becomes obvious every time we hear a radio, watch TV, answer a cell phone, or send a text message. Modern Magic surmises that information rides waves of all sorts, generated by humans, animals, plants, even wind and earth movements. Information travels across the universe. The fundamental issue when discussing magic is how to perceive it without scientific instruments and then, how to interpret what is received.Modern Magic tells us that human beings are born with sophisticated equipment that receives this invisible information. We do it every day. Controversy begins when humans attempt to interpret what has been received. Consequently, intuition occupies a prominent place throughout the book and throughout the lives of magical people.

The interpretations are felt, which makes purely rational people nervous and skeptical. Krajewski’s contention is that we are not purely rational beings. We are not logical beings with emotions, we are emotional beings who wield a tool called logic.

Modern Magic is full of anecdotes, practical methods to apply objective reasoning to subjective experience, and offers some history regarding magic across the millennia of human experience. Krajewski’s voice on the page is compelling, yet familiar, and he leads us along at a comfortable pace.

The overall impact of the book is not to demystify mysticism, but to let us know that we have tools to engage the mysteries of life and to interpret them in profound and meaningful ways.
Reviewed by J.R. Stewart

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